About Freelance Translator 100

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Welcome to Freelance Translator 100.

Freelance Translator 100 was graduated from Translation studies with strong writing skills in both Chinese and English, taking freelance translation and copywriting jobs since after, with much interest and specialty in website translation and copywriting.

Please visit my professional profile and translation experience for your reference.  My translation service is professional at fair and reasonable fees.

Personally, I have been developing my translation and  copywriting expertise in website creation, perhaps, because of the fun I enjoy in translation creativity and arts in it.  I may share the vision about the great potential need of website translation in the business market besides the main financial and legal translation.  Internet is powerful for communication with no geographical limitation and cost saving for dynamic intangible image creation.  More and more companies may pay more attention and value to their website building and maintenance for corporate image, brand building and business communication.

Meanwhile, China is growing fast and strong in all aspects economically, politically and socially.  Business opportunities with Chinese is definitely a new vibrant demand in the 21st century from all over the world and therefore the demand of English to Chinese and Chinese to English translations would be in strong growing need in the near future.

Welcome to see my translation samples for your reference and contact me for your translation and website services.

Web Lite SWeTE: Simple Website Translation Engine

Professional Profile

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Speaking languages

Cantonese, English, Manderin, Hakka, some French


Education Background

  Translation and Interpretation

City University of Hong Kong

French Language Studies

Universite de Bordeaux III, France



Website Translation, Copywriting, Design and Creation

Translation Experience

website translation
magazine translation
commercial translation
financial translation

Creative Writing Experience

commercial copywriting
brand creation

Computer Skills

Words, Powerpoint , Excel, Chinese word processing,

Internet, Simple Website Creation etc. 

Translation Workflow

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Translation workflow for quality reassurance:
1. Evaluation of the translation project
2. Prepare a quotation of the translation fee
3. Provide a translation sample of language style and tone and estimated delivery time schedule if the client accept the quotation.
4. Client to confirm the translation quotation with deposit 1st payment of the translation fee.
5.  Start to work on the translation project – translating, editing, proof reading.
6.  Client to pay the balance final payment upon the final 100% completion of the whole translation project.
(remarks: Client may need to pay proportional translation fee upon proportional translation job completion depends on the job size.)

Payment Terms

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 Market Information  vs  our special discounted fees:

Market General Translation                                      HK$1 – 1.2  per word
Our special discount                                        HK$0.6-0.8 per word

Market Technical Translation                                   HK$1.2 – 1.5 per word
Our special discount                                               HK$0.8 – 1.20 per word

Market Commercial Copywriting                              HK$5 – 10 above
Our Special discount                                               HK$2  above

(commercial copywritings:  e.g. Company profile, Advertisement, Slogans, Website content, flyers, Catalogue, Press Release…….. etc)

copywriting fees are higher than translation fees because it takes  marketing intelligence and writing creativity arts.

Our translation fees are lower than the market fees and negotiable on project basis.


Our payment terms are:

A. small jobs less than HKD100- HKD1,000

1. 100% deposit after translation sample and quotation confirmation.

B. Medium jobs less than HKD5,000 -HKD10,000

1. 50% deposit after translation sample and quotation confirmation. Balance 50% for job completion.

C. Large jobs above HKD10,000

1. 30% deposit for confirmation of the translation quotation.

2. 30% payment for 50% completion of the translation project.

3. 30% for 90% completion of the translation project.

4. 10% for the balance upon the 100% completion of the translation project.

Bank In:  HSBC Account (To be advised)

Website Translation

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Website translation sample

English to Chinese

Amongst employers in the UK and US, flexible benefits, commonly known as “flex” in the UK or “cafeteria” benefits in the US, has become an increasingly common way for benefits to be offered to employees. In Asia this trend has begun but to date remains less common practice than in western markets. So whilst flexible benefits have existed in some form or another for over a decade, it is still considered a differentiator for employers in most markets here. Flexible benefits have proven to be very effective at helping to develop a total rewards culture and in meeting the needs of diversified workforces. The value of providing choice is that more of the benefits dollar spent by the company is allocated to the benefits employees appreciate and less to those they don’t. This improves the value employees place on the benefits they receive, in the process netting a bigger return for the employer on the investment they make in those benefits.  (161 words)

在英國和美國的顧主中, 彈性福利/有選擇性的顧員福利漸漸成為愈趨普遍提供給顧員的公司福利,在英國的普遍名稱是” 靈活” (Flex) 或在美國是”自助餐” (Cafeteria) 福利。這個趨勢也在亞洲開始流行,但時至今日,還沒有在西方國家的公司福利市塲那麽普遍。雖然彈性福利/有選擇性的顧員福利已經在某些形式出現超過十年,在這裡的大多數市塲的顧主仍然看它為另類選擇。彈性福利/有選擇性的顧員福利已經證明是有效幫助發展全面獎賞文化 (a total rewards culture) 及適合不同行業的需要。提供彈性福利/有選擇權利的價值是在於把公司投進的福利金錢更多安置在顧員喜歡的福利上而更少在他們不喜歡的福利上。這樣就可以讓顧員收取到的福利增值,像網鱼一樣,使顧主投資在顧員福利上的金錢得到更大的回報。

Flexible vs Traditional benefits

Although the “cash is king” concept could be in the minds of many people in Asia, over 80% of the employees surveyed in Hong Kong indicated that flexible benefits would have strong positive impact on the way they considered their employers and their jobs.  (48 words)



Hong Kong employee benefits research summary

ABC, the employee benefit solutions arm of XYZ, brings to Hong Kong and the Asia region a wealth of experience and expertise to support the delivery of employee benefit solutions that offer greater flexibility and value to employees. We believe our cost effective end-to-end solutions will help many employers to consider and implement a more flexible employee benefits programme by removing two of the key obstacles that have prevented them from seriously considering offering flexibility in the past, cost and complexity.  (91 words)



ABC 是XYZ  的顧員福利方案的得力助手,為香港及亞洲地區帶來豐富的經驗及專業知識,為顧員提供顧員福利方案有更大的彈性/選擇和價值。我們相信有效控制成本的相向方案?? (cost effective end-to-end solutions) 將會幫助很多顧主考慮採用一個有更多彈性/選擇的顧員福利計劃,並且消除過去阻礙他們慎重考慮採用富有彈性/選擇方案的兩大主要顧忌 – 成本及複雜難明的問題。

Commercial Copywriting

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Commercial writings such as:

a. company profile

b. website content

c. product catalogue

d. menu

e. slogans

f. advertisement

g. flyers

h. press release

i.  annual reports


Brand Creation Services

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Brand Creation Services including:

1. Brand value, philosophy and vision.

2. Brand Image

3. Brand Logo & Slogan

4. Website, Name cards

4. flyers, catalogue, poster, member card, gift cards

some brand creation samples are available for your reference upon request.


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Please email inquiry to us, and we may contact you within 1-2 days.

Email: cs@freelancetranslator100.com 



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